Groceries & Supplies Locally

If you are staying at Casa Di Nonno, there are a number of local businesses that you can get inexpensive food and supplies within walking distance.

Punto Simply (Supermarket), Viale Apollo Arcageta, 16, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy
 (16 minute walk) .7 mi./1.1 km.  CLICK HERE for a walking map. Walk the entire length of Corso Umberto and make a right out of Porta Catania and up a short hill. Great prices on wine as well.

Mercado Communale (indoor morning farmers market). Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 3, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy
Not shown on Google maps, is an opening–Via Don Giovanni Minzoni–off of Viale S. Pancrazio, just after Pizza Mania that is about a 4 minute walk.

Dream Beauty (discount store), Viale S. Pancrazio, 5, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy
(2 minute walk) 279 feet/85 meters.  CLICK HERE for a walking map.
This store has terrific prices on sundries, make up, housewares, water, etc. Very inexpensive variety of wares.


Parcheggio Lumbi, Taormina (parking garage), 98039 Taormina ME, Italy
Park your car there and take a free shuttle to Piazza San Pancrazio. From that bus stop walk down (right) and make your first left onto Vico B San Pancrazio and follow the street as it curves to the right and make a left onto Traversa di Vico B and it is the 2nd door on the left (has #6 next to the door).  (11 minute walk down–don’t walk up!) .4 mi./650 meters.  CLICK HERE for a walking map. 

The photos below show Piazza San Pancrazio bus station (photo on left) and a closeup of the buildings/street adjacent to the bus station that you would walk down to. You might want to park on Vico B San Pancrazio (as far as you can go) and drop off your luggage first and then go to the parking garage and then ride back with the free shuttle. Anna (the local property manager) 

CLICK HERE for more parking options.

Piazza San Pancrazio

This is Piazza San Pancrazio, the bus stop is in the center of the street (by the trees). The opening to Vico B San Pancrazio is  in front of the building to the left of the church in the center back of the photo.

Piazza San Pancrazio

This is a closeup of the walk to Vico B San Pancrazio, go past Pizza Mania and make the (hard to see) left onto the small sidestreet.

Local Highlights Within Walking Distance

Corso Umberto

Vibrant main street from Porta Messina to Porta Catania

From Casa Di Nonno, take a 4 minute walk to Porta Messina from which you will enter Corso Umberto, the main walkway through the center of historic Taormina. It is a lovely floral lined cobblestone street with shops and restaurants. While beautiful at any time, is particularly lovely at sunset.

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno.  4 minute walk (.1 mile/220 meters).

Piazza IX Aprile, Taormina Sicily

Scenic Walking Area midway on Corso Umberto

Piazza IX Aprile is Taormina’s town center on Corso Umberto. Shown above is San Guiseppes church (left) and Biblioteca Comunale (right). The piazza overlooks a beautiful dropaway view of the ocean and Mt. Etna.

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno. 9 minute walk (~.4 miles/650 meters).

Villa Comunale, Taormina Sicily

Via Bagnoli Croci, 98039, Taormina

It is not only a lovely walk but there is an amazing view of the ocean and the dropaway mountain view along the outside of Corso Umberto.

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno. 10 minute walk (.4 miles/700 meters).

Piazza Dell Duomo, Taormina, Sicily

Located along Corso Umberto

The cathedral of St. Nicola and the Tauro fountain located near the end of Corso Umberto. Also in the piazza is an excellent pharmacy (Farmacia Ragusa).

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno. 14 minute walk (.6 miles/950 meters).

Taormina Cable Car

via, Via Luigi Pirandello, 22, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

Inexpensive (~6 euros roundtrip) cablecar ride to Isola Bella beach. Beautiful views! Even better, you can walk down to the beach and take the cable car back.

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno. 6 minute walk (.2 miles/400 meters).

Ancient-Greek-Theatre Taormina, Sicily

Via del Teatro Greco, 1, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

Gorgeous view toward the Calabrian coast, the Ionian coast of Sicily, and the spectacular cone of Etna. You can purchase entry as well as it is still used as a concert venue.

CLICK HERE for the walking directions from Casa Di Nonno. 10 minute walk (.4 miles/650 meters).

Additional Photos of Corso Umberto

Photos taken and copyright Amy Celona

Additional Photos of Piazza 9 Aprile

Photos taken and copyright Amy Celona

Additional Resources for Local Attractions

www.TravelTaormina.com  – website of local attractions and excursion bookings.

www.VisitSicily.com – website dedicated to Sicilian places to see.

www.TripAdvisor.com – website with many resources for not only sights to see, but interesting excursions that you can access to sign up for via the site.

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